Why aren’t you on Oprah!?

Try this one weird trick to have an epiphany!

Okay, this week’s partner exercises around authenticity led to, like, three major epiphanies for me. it’s not fair!! It should not take 5 minutes to attain enlightenment! It’s supposed to take years of grueling hard work and meditating for 3 hours every day and living in a monastery in Japan eating nothing but brown rice for a year! Damn you, Joe, you found the cheat code to life! What the hell!!!!? Why do I have this stack of books on mindfulness and a goddamn tattoo of a buddha!?!? The fucking dog is more of a buddha than I will ever be!! All I needed was those five minutes of questions with my partner on Zoom and I could have avoided all those years of reading Jack Kerouac and doing LSD!! This should not be a secret! If you Google “Joe Hudson” all you get is a body shop in Philly and some retired baseball player! This stuff is too important to relegate to some obscure podcast! Why aren’t you on Oprah!?!? Why aren’t you writing a series of books with that incredible smile of yours on the cover!?! Why aren’t you opening for Jay-Z?!?! Let’s get with it, Joe, you have a lot of lives to save here!! Oh, and thanks for the epiphanies, by the way — next time give us a little warning okay!!?!?!?

-Matt Walsh, Master Class participant, 2022 Cohort