Episode 05 — Vulnerability — Connection Course Series #5

Many of us have learned to associate vulnerability with weakness. We fear that being deeply vulnerable will open the door to being dominated or taken advantage of by others. What’s the difference between vulnerability and timidness, and how can unprotected vulnerability be a sign of strength and courage? Vulnerability is the V in VIEW; and the topic of today’s episode.

Episode 04 — Empathy — Connection Course Series #4

How does empathy affect our decision making? We often think we are making decisions based on intellect but in reality we make many, if not all, decisions based on trying to feel or trying not to feel certain emotions. If you look forward to all of your emotions what will that do to your decision making? 

Episode 03 — Impartiality — Connection Course Series #3

In today’s society, we have an archetype of the successful leader as a commander; someone who knows what they want and bends the world to their will in order to get it. But so many of us end up elbowing our way into loneliness or controlling our lives into a place we later realize we don’t want to be. How can we have clear goals and desires while staying in flow with reality? What if accepting the outcomes we’re avoiding makes our desired outcomes more likely? On today’s episode, we’ll be discussing Impartiality — the I in VIEW.

Episode 02 — Wonder — Connection Course Series #2

Being in wonder helps you understand the value of the right question and If you’re in wonder, it’s a constant exploration. Questioning the assumptions that are in your mind is one of the quickest ways to get to wonder, where curiosity and awe are being experienced together. “It’s really a point of view of looking at the world. Follow your wonder. It’s a trail. Just follow it in the conversation about the other person, about yourself. In the conversation, just follow it.” Most of us spend a lot of our time feeling a subtle pressure to know things, to understand our world so that we can make predictions, feel safe, and be seen as knowledgeable, but the moment we think we know everything is also the moment we stop learning. What if there’s always more to the story than we can ever know? How might living our lives from a consistent place of wonder, give us more actionable information and opportunities than clinging to what we think we know? This is the practice of wonder, the W in VIEW. Brett: Joe, can you tell me what you mean by wonder? Joe: Yes, wonder is, there’s a lot of ways to describe it,…