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Simple and impactful e-courses synthesized from 30 years of research, study of neuroscience and wisdom traditions, and high-performance coaching of top company C-levels.

“All struggles are based on a lack of connection.”

– Joe Hudson

This course is a unique approach to relationships with yourself and others. It dramatically changes your ability to accomplish what you want in your life with ease and joy. It will help you examine the way that you show up at work and in your personal life, all through training a mindset that leads to more connection and more satisfying relationships.


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Remember When Joy Was Easy?

How joy used to come naturally, like running water from the turn of a faucet, or the rise and fall of your breath? There was a simplicity to accomplishing the things you wanted to do.

In the last 18 months, there have likely been more difficult moments for you to navigate than before. What would it feel like to be able to access clarity and easy joy again?

Imagine the freedom of being able to fully be yourself. And to accomplish all that you truly want to, without struggling.

We’ve discovered over the years that all struggles are based on a lack of connection, either with others or with ourselves.

And that when we create connection with ourselves and others, all aspects of life transform.

How are you?

If you’ve been feeling less happy, accomplished, and easeful than usual, you’re not alone. Around the world, large groups of people feel the same.



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Our Founder

Please meet Joe Hudson, a former venture capitalist, philanthropist, and today, a highly sought-after teacher and executive coach.

Hi Everybody,

I’m Joe Hudson. When I was a Venture Capitalist, I became fascinated by people who had a wild capacity to connect with themselves and others. I saw that they were better at business because they understood those around them. They made better products because they could connect with their customers. They were happier because they felt deeply connected to their friends and family. They were more fulfilled because they were connected to themselves.

It was in watching them that I realized most of my struggles came from being out of connection. So I went around the world to find people who were geniuses at connection. I found out there was a framework they all used even if they didn’t know it. Once I understood the framework I knew it would facilitate major, lasting and overwhelmingly positive impacts for anyone who could use it. So I set out to try and teach it powerfully and efficiently. I honed the teaching first in my portfolio companies and then with leaders from companies including Apple, Alphabet, Deloitte, WordPress, and others.

The Connection Course is a distillation of all that learning and experimentation. It is a transformative program now available for both individuals and businesses. I created it with the primary intention of supporting a better life for you and the ones you care about. And by supporting others, I nurture my own sense of connection.

Big Love,

Joe Hudson

My first principle in life is:

Connection Connection Connection

I discovered that whenever I was struggling, I was also out of connection.

If I was struggling with my relationship, I’d lost connection with my partner.

If I was struggling with sales, I was out of connection with my customer.

If there were office politics, I’d lost connection with my team.

If I was struggling with bad habits, I was out of connection with myself.

“Whenever I was struggling,
I was also out of connection”

Through continued experiments, it slowly dawned on me:

The first step of solving any problem was to get back into connection.

The more I stayed in connection, the less I struggled.

Now, not all problems are caused by a lack of connection. Sometimes problems are caused by incidents outside our control. But… the struggling I did around the problem always stemmed from me moving out of connection. And often it was this struggling and lack of connection that then caused the next sequence of problems.

The thing about struggling is that it is a tremendous waste of effort.

It is wildly inefficient, and not enjoyable at all.

“The first step of solving
any problem, was to
get back into connection”

I began to think there must be another way, and to experiment with struggling less and staying more connected. While this was counterintuitive at first, I discovered that remarkably, the less I struggled and the more connected I was able to stay, the more I could get done.

It was more enjoyable to do, and I accomplished more.

And what I accomplished was more in line with my truth.

When you are in connection with yourself and others, both joy and achievement come easily and effortlessly.

Our accomplishments, love life, business, family, and more are all based on the quality of our relationships.

And when we create depth with ourselves and others, all aspects of life transform.


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The Connection Course is a unique approach to connecting with yourself and others.

The course is the sum of years of study into people who were geniuses at connection.  The exercises and teaching methodology of the course were carefully developed from 20 years of exploring dozens of spiritual traditions and psychological frameworks, backed by the findings of current neurological research. This wisdom was then distilled into a series of interactive modules that help people radically and rapidly transform themselves and their relationships, and make great progress towards that which they wish to accomplish.

This course dramatically changes your ability to accomplish what you want in your life with ease and joy.

It will help you examine and choose the way that you show up at work and in your personal life, all through training a mindset that leads to more connection and more satisfying relationships.

Unlike esoteric workshops offered only to elite executives, this course empowers all people to be more effective and successful, create authentic connections, and foster life-changing self-discovery and empowerment.

What people are saying

“I had met people that had participated in the Connection Course* and there was this clarity, ease, and grace in their communication style…You get to try [the skills you’ll learn] out in your own life and notice where you’re triggered. You get to see it and feel it, and to me, that is freedom and power.”

Peter Light, CEO of Lumen Energy
on his experience with the Connection Course
(formerly VIEW Workshop)

“I could see that it wasn’t an external factor holding us back. At the core, it was about unlocking the potential in every individual in the organization before unlocking the organization’s potential by getting them to communicate clearly and directly.”

Ant Taylor, CEO of Lyte
on his experience with the Connection Course
(formerly VIEW Workshop)

“Now I have more confidence in myself, knowing that with my struggles and thoughts. I understand that there are a set of questions I can ask myself and others to get me to where I want to be.”

Melissa Du, CEO of Cadence
on her experience with the Connection Course
(formerly VIEW Workshop)

How does this course work?

How is this different from all of the other approaches to communication that have been around for decades?

Most communication courses are all about a technique and focus on what to say or how to say it. The main focus of AOA is the state of mind. There is hardly any technique.

We choose this approach for two reasons. First, any communication technique can be hurtful or stop working if it is coming from strategy instead of authenticity. It is why most techniques have a high failure rate. The second reason is that freedom and peace come from a state of mind or a perspective — not from communicating correctly. This state of mind will positively affect far more than your communication.

What is the material based on?

The framework emerged through Joe Hudson’s work with top executives and companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, including organizations like Apple, Alphabet, SpaceX, HP, Lyte, and Hand in Hand Parenting among many others.

It was further developed and tested over more than 5 years of public workshops in multiple cities with more than 1,000 participants, and most recently, is currently used by more than 100 participants from among Joe’s clients.

How is Art of Accomplishment similar and different from coaching techniques?

Coaching is often about trying to get somebody somewhere, or add value to their life, whereas AOA is about being on a discovery journey together. It’s about deeply understanding that the person you’re talking to has all the wisdom they need to take the right next step in their life. It is about connection, not fixing.

What made you set it up to be done in pairs?

There are a handful of reasons. This course is about learning connection. If you’re learning alone, you’re not really learning connection.

Second, the course actively creates connection with people. Because of this, you get to feel the results of the work instead of just learning a tool.

Third, patterns that don’t serve us which we learned in a relationship are easiest to unlearn inside of a relationship.

Finally, you get to work on current issues that are happening for you, so you get to see how the tools work in changing your life.

Is this for me?

Can I join your workshop as an individual or do I need to have a partner?

You need to enroll in the course with a partner. If you don’t have a partner, we can find one in a nearby time zone for you. Just click the “I don’t have a partner” button on the checkout page, and give us your email address and timezone.

What if I don’t have the discipline required? I’m scared I won’t finish the course.

What makes you think that you won’t have the discipline? What makes you have that thought and not the thought, “I’m scared I won’t have the discipline to finish this video game,” or “I’m scared I won’t have the discipline to finish this Star Wars movie?”

We’ve designed the course so that it’s as easy as pressing play. You just have to commit to five slots of time that’s equivalent to watching 5 movies. You press play, and then you play the game that’s in front of you. We’ve designed it so that you don’t need to have discipline. All you have to do is show up.

What if I take this course and parts of my life fall apart?

That does tend to happen. If there’s something making you unhappy, it needs to fall apart if you want to get to happiness.

If there’s a part of your life that is disconnected, and you want to get into connection, and something has to fall apart for that to happen, the question is: are you going to resist it, or embrace it?

If you resist it, it’ll be painful and hard, and if you embrace it, you’ll hardly notice the change. You’ll hardly notice that the thing left. 

What if this course takes more effort than I’m willing to commit to?

The first thing to look at is why you equate effort with transformation.

You’ve probably transformed your life in 20 different ways over the last year — whether that’s drinking more coffee or taking less showers — and it hasn’t required any effort. The idea that transformation requires effort is a limiting belief that makes changing a chore or an obligation. This could be why you haven’t had the change that you’ve been craving.

What happens when you see the change as enjoyable and fun? This course is designed to be enjoyable and fun as one way of helping people see through the idea that effort is required to transform.

But make no mistake: the course is challenging. It just doesn’t require effort.

Altogether, this is going to take me a lot of time. How do I know it’s well spent?

What makes you consider time a factor when you’re thinking about taking this course, yet not when you go to watch a movie or scroll Facebook? It takes a lot of time to have friends, it takes a lot of time to be married, it takes a lot of time to have kids, and it takes a lot of time to fly to somebody’s wedding. What is it that makes you think about the course in terms of time, and those things above not in terms of time?

When people think that they don’t have enough time, it’s usually not actually about the time that they have. It’s anxiety they feel around their obligations and their sense of connection with themselves and others. When you feel deeply connected, your anxiety and your sense of obligation decrease, and you get the sense that you have much more time.

It’s like when Richard Branson said that the best time management skill he has is exercise. In the same way, the best time management skill we’ve found is being in connection. Connection can save you weeks getting a better product for your customer. It can save you years in business, years navigating conflicts in your family, and years worrying about your kids. It can save you decades in trying to find happiness, all through connection.

All this connection stuff is great for people who are social organizers and managers, but I’m an individual contributor. How is this helpful for me?

The people who are going to give you opportunities, help you accomplish your goals, or work with you to get a job done: all of them are people. The friends and family that you go home to, your kids or partner, they’re all people. Being in connection with these people is helpful no matter what your role is.

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I have questions about money

What makes it cost so much?

People spend $300 on ways that allow them to feel connected to their friends and family all the time, whether that’s a plane ticket, or an expensive dinner, or a gift for a friend. So we think $300 is a fine price to pay. It’s a very reasonable price to not only become more connected to someone than you have ever experienced but also to learn how to do that with anybody in your life. And if people aren’t willing to pay the price of a plane ticket to do this work it’s an indication that they’re not serious enough; that they don’t have the skin in the game to get the job done.

What makes it cost so little? (If it only costs $300, why would I believe it’s effective?)

The truth is that the information that we share here is available in lots of other places and you can potentially get all of it for free. The exercises have come from years of iteration, and we have put this course together in a way that it can get to as many people as possible. We’re serious about getting the work out there. We’re not trying to make a ton of money on this. The cost that we’re trying to cover is the production value of a well-produced, high-quality course.

What guarantee do you offer?

Imagine you had to pay some money to climb to the top of the mountain, and you knew that when you got to the top of the mountain, you would feel excited and accomplished. You would have vistas. You would be at peace.

Now imagine that every step of the way you knew that you could get your money back if all you did was quit and stopped climbing to the top of the mountain. That policy would make it harder for you to get to the top of the mountain rather than easier to get to the top of the mountain.

It’s for that reason we don’t have a money-back guarantee. What we’re interested in is not selling a ticket. We’re interested in helping people who want to do the work and get to the top of the mountain.

The investment seems worth it but I don’t have enough money.

It’s important to us that you have an investment in the work that inspires your commitment and focus.

That said; we’re happy to meet you where you actually are. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship please write us a letter about your situation and your commitment to doing the work, and send it to 

However, if you are scared to invest money in yourself, then please write us a letter explaining why.

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