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Episode 64 — What is Safety? Applying Lessons From Extreme Sports to Life and Business


In our previous episode, Joe and Brett talked about how seeing through limiting beliefs can be scary because we're not sure we'll be safe. This is an especially relevant concern in the realm of high-risk activities like skydiving and BASE Jumping. In today's episode, we explore how Brett's relationship with the idea of safety has changed over the course of a decades-long career in adventure sports.

Show Notes

They discuss:

1:54 – What is safety?
5:32 – Safety as an idea can bring us comfort or distress
9:20 – The concept of safety as detachment or contact with reality
11:17 – Business and safety
13:23 – Grounded and ungrounded excitement
14:26 – Applying lessons from safety in airsports to business life
16:48 – Internal stability and flow
19:55 – Learning to be secure is learning to fall – a story
24:26 – Finding our inherent innate stability

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